It is very important that items are protected while in storage. And with that in mind we offer the following information:

When moving items into a storage unit you may want to take extra precautions to protect your things inside. Properly wrapping your items will decrease their chances of shifting or breaking during a move, and help protect them from dust, heat and humidity during long periods in storage.

Before packing, make an inventory of the items you plan to stow away.  Inventory the type and amount of packing supplies you think you’ll need. You should also choose the size of the storage unit you’ll be renting. That way, you can visualize which items will be placed where and how they’ll stack together.  If you find it difficult to determine how many boxes and tape-rolls to buy, purchase more than enough.  It will save you from an extra shopping trip right in the middle of packing.  Most suppliers will let you return unused or unopened goods as long as you save your receipt. Make sure to ask about the return policy.

Remember that your may end up keeping items in self-storage longer than you expect. It is important to use quality packing products to ensure long-term protection. Even though common household items may save you money, they can also be problematic. For example, many people use newspapers to wrap fragile items, yet newspapers can scratch delicate things, leave ink on items, and even attract insects and rodents.  Another common household item people use for storage is plastic trash bags. Unfortunately, plastic retains moisture and can ruin the items inside.